During my recent job search for a role in product management, I was interviewing with Acme Corporation to join their e-commerce team.

After the HR screening and a preliminary interview with one of their mid-level PMs, I was invited to the 2nd round with the head of product, Jennifer. We had a pretty enjoyable “shop” talk and agreed that I should take the homework assignment: I am to formulate an initial description for a portion of a new capability within Acme’s platform. Its high-level purpose is to enable shoppers to submit orders for recurring deliveries — think of a monthly…

If you produce electronic music and plan to sell it on Beatport or Traxsource, you should use English alphabet only for your track and artist name.

Do you produce electronic music and sell it on Beatport, Traxource etc? I am your customer — glad to meet you!

I find your music in a multiple ways:

  1. If I am already following you, Beatport will list your new tracks in “MyBeatport”
  2. Or your “sharing” on social networks might show up in my feed with a direct link to your track
  3. Your track got charted in one of top100 charts that I visit…

Ranking Methodology

Each day we analyze the Beatport Top 100 Progressive House sales charts and plays of corresponding music on YouTube and SoundCloud to rank the biggest tracks of the year.

Individual track rankings are first based on the highest position reached by each track in the sales top 100 chart and then by the average daily plays total from all the duplicate media we are able to find on YouTube and SoundCloud using our search engine built in Java.

The outcome of our methodology is that you can use our public custom YouTube player (no accounts necessary) to hear all the…

Do you already use a private spreadsheet to manage your crypto coins portfolio?

CoinsForOffice is a freemium add-in for MS Excel, OpenOffice and LibreOffice Calc built in Java and C# using WebSocket and RESTful protocols.

Install CoinsForOffice on your private Windows, OS X or Linux machine to get real-time prices delivered directly into cells in your spreadsheet.

Our add-in allows you to compare current prices from multiple exchanges and make more profitable decisions for your portfolio.

Choose to enable and configure read-only API keys in your exchange account(s) to get automated updates for positions and trades.

Professional and Institutional edition users can choose to create and send orders to exchanges directly from the…


At least 40 top crypto exchanges provide API access to their trading systems. For these exchanges, users can choose to access their accounts in two ways:

Manually login to the exchange website with their username+password each time they want to access their account.

Or, users can configure their account to permit access from external applications using a set of 2 values specific to their account and defined by the exchange for use with the exchange API: a.k.a. API key+secret.

On March 8th 2018, we’ve learned that Binance was able to thwart a phishing+API attack by an unidentified individual or group.

Let’s review similarities and differences in structure & topology between the current markets for Cryptocurrencies in comparison with the modern Stock Markets

Additional Information:

Review Structure & Processes:

Conclusion: Cryptocurrencies vs. Stock Markets

  • There are no brokers nor custodians involved in the cryptocurrencies ecosystem as the counter party risk is eliminated by computational means and proof-of-ownership is encoded in a public ledger of pseudonymous transactions aka “the blockchain”;
  • Some of the other services traditionally provided by brokers are instead provided by the crypto exchange…

On October 1st, 2017 we launched virtual festivals, starting with the 2017 edition of the Ultra Brasil scheduled to take place on Oct. 12–14 in Rio de Janeiro…

Do you love listening to music and attending festivals? Have you tried exploring a festival website to learn more about all the artists scheduled to perform? Often, they are very lacking in actual music: usually we have to browse separate pages for each artist with a short biography and just one piece of music the organizers placed on that page long ago, when the line-up was first announced.

RemixRotation “Virtual” Festivals

take a different approach…

On September 5, 2017 we launched our ranking of Top 500 tracks of 2017 (so far) in each of the 27 main electronic music genres…

RemixRotation Organizes Music on YouTube

Have you noticed all the electronic music “videos” on YouTube — don’t you wish it were all organized into House vs. Deep House vs. Techno vs. Big Room vs. Trance vs. Glitch Hop vs. Trap vs. Dubstep etc?

RemixRotation is a FREE YouTube player for music organized into 5 mainstream and 31 electronic genres. Genre specific playlists contain full-length videos corresponding to tracks that DJs are buying right now on Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource. …

Our analysis of 840 daily DJ sales charts and 1518 top techno tracks released since the begging of 2017, shows that Pleasurecraft & Kraftek have delivered the biggest TECHNO track of 2017, so far.

At RemixRotation.com we analyze Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource to search YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify, iTunes and AmazonMusic to identify the 12,500 hottest tracks of the past 31 days, and also the best music of 2017, in 27 electronic genres.

On July 8th, 2017 we updated our BEST OF 2017 ranking of the top TECHNO tracks. In total, we processed 840 charts with 3021 most downloaded tracks to…

Do you pay for downloads? Spend 4 minutes and learn to use my website to save time and money so you can buy more amazing music…

This tutorial is written for DJs. Electronic music fans can also use my website to discover new artists and update Spotify playlists.

Why RemixRotation.com?

My primary hobby is DJing electronic music. I buy downloads that I like, from retailers specializing in electronic music, such as Beatport, JunoDownload and Traxsource. Amazon Music and iTunes are much cheeper but their classification is terrible and search-by-genre is useless for electronic music.

Unfortunately, ALL download sites offer just short track…

Sinisa 'Simon' Radovcic

I maintain RemixRotation and AlgosForCryptos publications…

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